David Harper. Based in Hove, I am committed to helping small businesses access the online marketplace in a pain-free partnership.

I can ensure you gain the proper Google presence and help you drive business to your site.

Just like you, I have often found myself frustrated by badly designed internet products that leave you feeling annoyed and dis-empowered.

I have therefore taken a vow to make everything I do and build clear, simple and straightforward.

I will talk to you like a human being and not hide behind silly technical phrases.

Ask me for a quote by clicking the 'Chat' button over on the right, emailing me, calling me or filling in the contact form here.

I look forward to chatting with with.

David Harper owner of Curious Fish Websites
  • Calm and non-judgemental.

  • Holistic approach blending thorough design principles with proven on-line business strategies.

  • Google fundamentals.

  • eCommerce.

  • Online shopping facility with duplicate shop in Facebook and Instagram.

  • Online restaurant facility including reservations, takeaway ordering and online payments, updatable menus.

  • Therapists' packages including booking, payments online and built in Zoom sessions.

  • Online gallery with payments online.

  • Blogging.

  • Content Management System (a dashboard for you to go with your site).


20 years of website and IT experience, working in environments ranging from small business to corporate.